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Unveiling the Artistry: Behind the Scenes of a Senior Shoot

Updated: Feb 13

If you’re a soon-to-be senior, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to a senior shoot. From planning the session to choosing the right photographer, there are plenty of facts about senior portraits that you should be aware of. In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes and we will give you an inside look into a senior portrait photoshoot to help you better understand what to know about senior portraits.

How far in advance should I book? The fall of senior year or no later than March. You will want time to get the images back so that you can choose and print announcements. It’s important to note that not all schools have the same rules when it comes to taking pictures for seniors, so it’s always a good idea to double check with your school first before scheduling your session. Other facts about a senior shoot include knowing what type of photography you prefer for your shoot, such as traditional studio poses, natural lighting, location, etc. You should also consider what clothes, hairstyles, and makeup looks you'd like in your images. What’s also important to know about senior portraits is that you may have an option for more than one outfit for your senior shoot, allowing for various looks for your final collection. When it comes to prints and products, I deliver digital images and offer prints, canvases, announcements and more. Lastly, it’s important to find out from your school what the deadline is for senior dedication pages, etc.

How long does the session last? A senior shoot is usually 1 - 2 hours. My rates are for an hour but I often have seniors who want 2 locations so we'll work out a rate depending on drive time and any other factors that need to be considered. During the session, there are some important facts about a senior shoot you should know. First, make sure you wear clothes that reflect your personality, choose something comfortable and cute! Next, know that I will pose you then chat with you so that your poses turn into genuine movements and expressions that are really you. I want to capture your true personality in the photos. Lastly, don't forget your props! Props can help bring your photos to life, try bringing along some items that reflect who you are or your hobbies, such as books, instruments, sports equipment or even your pet!

How many locations? When we are prepping for your shoot, we'll take about locations and the oufits that go with that location. The amount of locations is up to you. You should make sure to pick places or activities that represent who you are at this stage in your life. If there’s something special that you would like to capture in your photos (a hobby or sports activity) let me know! We'll customize the shoot based on what makes it special for you. Another thing to keep in mind is how many outfit changes you would like. Depending on how long your session is and how many different places you’re visiting, it’s important to think of how many different outfits you’d like to wear in order to get a variety of looks in your photos. As always, be sure to consider the colors and textures of your outfits when planning out what you will wear during your session. Lastly, having props can help add to the unique vibe of each session – think fun signs, meaningful items, books, hats etc.

What happens after? Once your session is over, I will take about 2 weeks to edit and deliver your gallery. At that point, you can browse your gallery and choose any prints or canvases, etc. that you would like to order from your gallery. I also include a print release should you want to print somewhere else. If needed, I am also available to help provide advice on what sizes/styles look best for different types of prints.

Exciting News!

I finally launched my online senior portrait course: Mastering the Art of Senior Portraits. I created it for new and established photographers alike. If you are looking to Master the Art of Senior Photography or would like to level up your senior photography game, THIS ONLINE SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE IS FOR YOU! Check it out!

I'm a natural light photographer working in beautiful, southern California! I focus on high school seniors + families. I photograph families + seniors all over San Diego and would love to work with you, document who you are today, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

And, Hey!, before you go, check out my friend's beautiful work. Ute is a Brand Photographer in the South Bay of LA and she has written an informative post on the importance of brand photography for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Rosa Clark
Rosa Clark
May 20, 2023

I can feel the warmth in these images!! Beautiful work!


Brooke Hamilton
Brooke Hamilton
May 16, 2023

Such great tips and things to think about for your seniors starting senior year next year!! Lovely images, too! Brooke

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