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Welcome! I'm Robyn Scherer and I'm glad you stopped by.


Hey there and Welcome to my corner of the world!

I’m a Mom to three and have been with my better half for 30+ beautiful and fun filled years! We travel as much as we can, boogie board when the ocean isn't too cold

and run just about every morning.

Fun fact: Hershey Kisses don't last long in our home!


So, let's chat photography! I love working with both high school and college seniors. I love where they are in life and I love chatting with them about their next steps. Their excitement for life and what's in store is infectious. I view getting to document this time in their lives as an honor and a privilege.


I also love working with families and documenting each family's special bond. Some families are silly and some are more serious.

I love all types and combos. What's important to me is that you document your moment in time right now. You won't get it back and you'll ALWAYS love having these images to look back on and "remember when".


So, whether you'd like a to book a senior session or family session or both! Let's get you on the calendar. I can't wait to meet you!

Robyn Scherer Headshot

~ author unknown

Grab your iPhone lighting tips here:

Thank you! Have fun!

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