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How to Master The Art of
Senior Portrait Photography

Whether you are an aspiring photographer or an experienced professional.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Robyn Scherer,
an expert with 9+ years in the field of Senior Portrait Photography.

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This Course was designed for YOU!

Years in Business


Seniors Photographed


Senior Photography

You'll come away from

this class with:

  • a full posing workflow to create well round galleries,
  • a better understanding of working in different lighting scenarios,
  • 8 video modules of my editing workflow using Adobe Lightroom,
  • how to find the best locations to shoot at,
  • how to connect with your clients to elicit genuine emotions, and
  • ability to charge more for your sessions.

Do you want a taste of what is possible in this course?

Grab your Free Cropping Video here!

Editing Video Modules

You will get exclusive access to my step-by-step editing workflow in Adobe Lightroom!


Edit Skin Tone

Editing skin tone doesn’t have to be too tricky! In this module, I show you how to use the eyedropper to achieve beautiful skin tones.


Rule of thirds 

The Rule of Thirds is just one way to hook your viewer! Watch me crop my images so as to guide my viewers focus. 


White Balance

White Balance is so important in your images. It guides you in achieving correct skin tones and also helps to keep your colors true.


Skin Smoothing

Skin smoothing shouldn’t equal to looking plastic. Skin smoothing is just touching up the skin and removing blemishes to achieve a more polished look in your images.


Harsh Light & Cloning

In this module I will talk about how to work in harsh light and why it can work so well in certain situations as well as how to use the cloning tool to clean up your images. Follow along as I polish up my images.


Creating a Brush

Creating a brush is as easy as 1,2,3. Watch me create a brush in this module. You will then be able to create many brushes with which to make your editing flow more efficient; thus, saving time!



When you work within Lightroom, there are many guides within the Cropping tool that you can use to pull your viewers into your image. Follow along and see how it’s done.


Reclaim Colors

In this module, I talk about what to do when you are working with a sky that is almost blown out or your image was shot on a cloudy day. I work with the gradient tools to show you how to reclaim color and details so your images pop!

The Best Investment For You

Take your photography skills to the next level and get the perfect senior photos with this comprehensive online course.

What photographers are saying about the course:

Nicole Rose, Photographer

Nicole Rose, Photographer

Photographing teenagers can feel intimidating but now you can learn from the best! Robyn Scherer is the gold standard for senior portraiture and this course offers up her best tips on how to capture the young people in your life in a fresh and fun way! Client workflows, locations scouting, shoot styling, posing, composition, use of light and editing - Robyn covers it all! You truly get a behind-the-scenes look at how she creates her stunning portraits from start to finish.

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