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Create Genuine Senior Portraits

Let me guide you in creating consistent, emotive and gorgeous galleries that WOW your clients and keep them coming back. This course is perfect for aspiring photographers and experienced professionals alike.

Learn Techniques

Do you struggle with what poses work and don't work? Let me guide you and give you the posing workflow guarantee to create gorgeous galleries. Gain the knowledge and skills to create beautiful senior portraits with step-by-step instructions and tutorials.

Stand Out

Ever wonder what to say to get your clients to open up and give you genuine expressions? Let me help you discover the secrets to creating unique, genuine portraits that will make your clients stand out from the crowd.

Expert Advice

Do you need help getting your images to pop in Lightroom? Get advice from an experienced professional to help you improve your photography skills and create stunning photos.

Do you have a few questions you'd like to ask before signing up for the class? Just reach out!

I'd love to chat. I've helped many photographers level up. Let me help you!

What photographers are saying about the course:

Nicole Rose, Photographer

Nicole Rose, Photographer

Photographing teenagers can feel intimidating but now you can learn from the best! Robyn Scherer is the gold standard for senior portraiture and this course offers up her best tips on how to capture the young people in your life in a fresh and fun way! Client workflows, locations scouting, shoot styling, posing, composition, use of light and editing - Robyn covers it all! You truly get a behind-the-scenes look at how she creates her stunning portraits from start to finish.

Jordyn Casey

9 Editing Modules

Watch me edit 9 different images.

Savannah Michele

Bonus: Scouting Video

I talk about shooting in different lighting scenarios.

Robyn Scherer Photography

In Depth PDF

Tips you can print out and take with you on your photoshoot.

Robyn Scherer Photography

One-on-One Zoom Option

Add on a zoom call whenever you'd like to talk all things photography.

Take your photography skills to the next level and get the perfect senior photos with this comprehensive online course!

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You'll come away from

this class with:

  • a posing workflow to create well round galleries,
  • a better understanding of working in different lighting scenarios,
  • editing tips and tricks using Adobe Lightroom,
  • guidance on finding the best locations to shoot in, and
  • knowledge on how to connect with your seniors to elicit genuine emotions.

By educating yourself at the feet of an internationally published  photographer, you'll learn how to create a more well rounded gallery through posing and conversation. Creating larger and well rounded galleries enables you to charge more for your sittings.

"Robyn does the finest photography work. I’ve worked with a number of great photographers and I’d rank Robyn #1! Her eye, artistic approach and editing coupled with her integrity make her exceptional. Our daughter’s senior photos are like none other - one of a kind!"

Shannon M.
Savannah Michele

Course Description:

  • In-depth PDF going over composition, lighting, editing and posing techniques.
  • 9 editing videos working in Adobe Lightroom - learn to edit an image as well as create your own brushes. 
  • Learn to shoot in different lighting scenarios.
  • Posing workflow to create dramatic and well rounded galleries.
  • Tips on connecting with your seniors.
  • Add on a Zoom call to answer your specific questions.
Jordyn Casey
Senior Course Bundle
with 9 editing videos + Zoom Call + Bonus Videos

Package Deal
$199 for limited time

($200 SAVINGS)

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