~Online Photography Course~

Up your photography game by finding the right locations, poses, and Lightroom editing tools.

"Great course for hobbyist and new photographers"

"Feel more confident at your shoots and start earning more. You're worth it!"

What Does the Online Photography Course Package Include?

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This course is for you if:

  1. You'd like to increase what you charge per sitting.

  2. You want to feel more confident at your shoots.

  3. You'd like to create a larger and more well rounded gallery.

  4. You want to learn tricks to Lightroom.

  5. You are hoping to perfect shooting in different lighting scenarios.

  6. You would like tips from a successful senior portrait photographer on how to run a shoot.

  7. You would like to earn more income in your business.

By educating yourself at the feet of an internationally published  photographer, you'll learn how to create a more well rounded gallery though posing and conversation. Creating larger and well rounded galleries enables you to charge more for your sittings.

"Robyn does the finest photography work. I’ve worked with a number of great photographers and I’d rank Robyn #1! Her eye, artistic approach and editing coupled with her integrity make her exceptional. Our daughter’s senior photos are like none other - one of a kind!" 

Shannon M.

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Course Description:

  • Self-paced online senior sitting course, a portion of the cost of other online classes.

  • It includes nine editing videos working in Adobe Lightroom that walk you through how to edit an image along with how to create your own brushes!

  • Also included are videos teaching you how to shoot in different lighting scenarios. You will also have the option to add on a Zoom call when or if you have specific questions regarding the materials or shooting on location.

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Cost of Nine Videos

Without Package


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$97 for limited time

"Taking a little time to sharpen

the saw will improve your 

senior shoots and other shoots as well"

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