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Senior Sessions are in Full Swing

So I'm wrapping up shooting the 185 seniors at a local school. And then I begin my commissioned shoots. I love photographing seniors! I love this age group! This time of their life is very special. They are walking a tight rope of being a Senior and feeling grown up but still being a kid in their homes. A lot of times the emotions are running high. When the kids come to their shoots it's time just for them. It's their time to shine. All eyes on them. They get to bask in the light. Often times at shoots I'll ask the Mom to jump in the mix. Sometimes they are ready and most times they are surprised and excited! They want a moment with their kid. A moment just for them. So, when this Mom showed up to the shoot, I asked her to jump in. She was surprised, excited and more than happy to memorialize the moment. This is her youngest child. She knows the next step is empty nest and this time with her daughter is fleeting.

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