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Click Pro Elite & 2022 Senior Sittings

Updated: Feb 17

I'm loving all the class of 2022 High School Seniors that have worked with me so far. With Senior sittings ramping up I couldn’t be more excited to use the skills I’ve been honing this past year. Every year gets better and better! Practice only makes perfect but it also helps when you get feedback from other experienced photographers - this is one of the main reasons I applied for my ClickPro Elite certification!

ClickPro is a prestigious group of women photographers who set high standards in the areas of exposure, use of light, color and white balance, composition, processing and cohesion, technical basics, creativity and intention. To earn ClickPro Elite, I had to submit 150 images and they were reviewed by a panel of judges. I’m so proud to say that after all of the reviews I now have my ClickPro Elite Badge.

I love any chance to elevate my art and give my clients the absolute best version of myself and my work. High School Senior season is my favorite time of year because it gives me a chance to focus on getting Seniors in the best light – whether it is a phenomenal “shoes off” beach picture, a stunning dress on a cliff background, or set on the steps of an iconic downtown Californian building.

I have years of practice and experience shooting senior photos, as well the stamp of approval of my photos submitted and reviewed by expert photographers at ClickPro.

I’d love a chance to work with you and CREATE MAGIC – feel free to also check out the reviews on my site from my happy clients.

Lastly, I want to let you know that I just launched my online class: Creating Genuine Senior Portraits! It's for hobbyists looking to get into Senior Photography and for Photographers looking to add a new twist to their senior flow.

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