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Moms need to get in the frame!

Moms need to get in the frame more often. Most times it's Mom who is taking the photograph to mark time or remember an event. Every now and then, she needs to get in the frame. The world needs to see HER face and see how she feels about the ones she loves. Photographing seniors often gives me the opportunity to ask Mom to join in with her son or daughter and let me capture them together. AND...more often than not, this evokes tears from Mom. I think she gets caught up in the "getting the kid ready" and "getting there on time" that she forgets what's actually happening. That time is moving faster than she'd like. That her child is entering their Senior year and that means the following year they will be leaving the nest. These thoughts bring on very raw emotions from Mom. And then all of a sudden she is crying. This is a GOOD thing I tell you. It makes her stop and breathe it in. Enjoy the moment. Savor it because it will be gone too soon. So all you Moms out there, GET IN THE FRAME!

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