Family Photos are Treasured Heirlooms

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

I document just about everything our family does or celebrates. Sometimes its a task but most times I love it! But the "why" I do it is the most important thing. I document our lives because when we are gone, it's all our kids and their kids will have left of us. It's how we can pass on our stories and our heritage from generation to generation.

So, do me a favor, sit down right now and write down all the things you love about your kids, and then make a list of what you love about your spouse...then book your family photo session! I guarantee you won't regret getting in the frame with your tribe!

I am a natural light, San Diego photographer who loves photographing connections and capturing memories for you to keep and hang on your walls. Let's get together and create magic!

And, hey, before you go, I please check out my photographer friend, Annika Bloch, who offers Christmas Mini Sessions in Maida Vale, London.

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