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4 Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Wall Display

Updated: Mar 24

The best way to personalize your home is by creating a perfect photo wall display! Imagine taking the pictures from your San Diego photo shoot and then building them into a classy combination of framed masterpieces.

There is only one problem. You are standing in front of a blank wall or a stairwell or in a large room with vaulted ceilings or even a cozy corner of your home – but you have no idea where to start with picture sizes. Even after you’ve sketched it out its tricky to reproduce the exact measurements and get it all on the wall, then there is the big question – “Once it is all up…will it even look good?”

Diagrams to create an epic photo wall

Below I’ve included diagrams to give you ideas of how to place your frames. There is no rule book on how high or low the photos should go. This is where you’d use your eye. You don’t want to crank your neck to have to see it all or bend your head to look down at the pictures.

*Thanks to Etsy and A Pair and A Spare for the diagrams.

To help your photo wall look perfect here are some hints:

  1. Tape up newspaper cuttings using Painters Tape in the size frames you want to help layout the gallery and be sure you like it before putting nails in the wall.

  2. Once you’ve cut out the frame sizes use the same painters tape to put the newspaper cuttings on the wall – this will help so you don't peel paint off the walls.

  3. Put a mirror and/or a painting in one of the spots in the gallery to add depth and interest.

  4. Consider adding a personal touch – by framing some of your kids' artwork or including some other sentimental piece into the gallery.

Low cost way of giving your home a facelift

A wall gallery is a great way to make over any space in your home. Take your family, engagement, pregnancy, or senior photos and create a wall gallery to transform your house into a home. A photo gallery also makes for a great remodel in a room and it costs a lot less then tearing down a wall or replacing the furniture.

When you book a photo shoot with me part of the printing process includes offering personalized tips and ideas specifically for your gallery wall. If you haven’t yet – let’s check my schedule and get you in the books. Good luck and, most of all, Have Fun!

I'm a San Diego, natural light photographer who specializes in High School Seniors and Family photography. I shoot from Poway to La Jolla to San Diego and Coronado. Let me know if you wanna get on the books!

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