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So your Senior is getting ready to graduate! Let me help you document this last stage of childhood!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

When I think back to last spring, I think what I posted made it seem like everything was lined up and our oldest was ready to head to college in August. What was really happening was chaos. We were doing all the "this is the last time we'll do this while she's a senior" things, like family vacations, pictures, etc.

As a photographer, it was bittersweet creating her Senior Portraits. She wasn't as flexible about when and where and she fought me on the outfits. Yep. Typical teenager stuff. What I think was happening was she was beginning to try out her independence NOW that was waiting in the wings.

As we prepared for graduation, we found out our 7 year old Golden, Hazel, had aggressive bone cancer. So, if it wasn't enough that Josie would be leaving our home in San Diego for Texas, we knew it was only a matter of months before Hazel would leave us too. So, the graduation party consisted of a mandatory photo with Hazel, the kids had no idea her time with us was going to be so short but I did...I couldn't bring myself to tell them during all the graduation festivities. August inched closer, Hazel slowed down, and then, there we were - packing the car and heading to the airport.

Documenting our life has always been my passion but this was just so sad. Josie hugged her sister and best friend, Bella, good bye and then grabbed her brother, Wy, to whom she had been like a little momma to throughout his childhood. She hugged him hard, let him go, and then grabbed him again. I won't ever forget those last few months as Josie prepared her wings for flight and we prepared for Hazel to leave us.

Photos have the power to bring us back to happy and sad times alike. Without them, we may forget subtle looks, grand gestures or faces altogether.

As your Senior prepares for graduation. Document it all! You'll be glad you did. If you want me to help, contact me! I love creating the Senior Portraits.

These may not be the greatest technical photos but it says alot to me...

High School Senior leaving for college, hugging sister
seniors leaving for college


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