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Senior Sessions on San Diego Beaches

Updated: Jul 27

I love taking a moment from a senior shoot to get the mom and daughter together so that we can capture this unique place in time. This time when the child is still at home and under your roof but is also a young adult who will be managing their own life in just a few short months.

Getting these photos together may seem spontaneous, fun and "no big deal" in the moment but I know from experience that you will really come to cherish these images as time goes by. This time when your high school senior is about to fly the coop is so precious. They are a child but an emerging adult...they are walking this fine line of relying on you yet about to have to do everything for themselves.

I encourage to stop time and take the photos. Really relish this time together!

Class of 2022, book your session today! You still have time to commemorate your Senior Year with a Senior Session on San Diego Beaches!

Before you go, I want to let you know that I launched my online class: Creating Genuine Senior Portraits! It's for hobbyists looking to get into Senior Photography and for established Photographers looking to add a new twist to their senior flow.

I'm a San Diego, natural light photographer who specializes in High School Seniors and Family photography. I shoot from Poway to La Jolla to San Diego and Coronado. Book Today!

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