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The Dos and Don’ts of prepping for Senior Portraits

Updated: Mar 14

First and foremost come to your senior portraits happy. Be fully present and enjoy your senior portraits. When you are happy, and feel like yourself, you create magic and your senior portraits reflect that. As for logistics to the photo shoot preparation the following are some things to think about as you being prepping for senior portraits:

Should my Senior wear more make up or less for the camera?

As a San Diego photographer I’ve learned a few tricks about the photo tips that really make a difference on camera and the photo tips that might not matter much.

  • A good hair style makes a difference in a great or not so great shoot. Getting a haircut one week before the shoot will keep it from looking too fresh but not unkept. If you color your hair get the roots done.

  • Whether or not you get a manicure doesn’t make a huge difference in the overall photo but dirt under the nails will be a deal killer – CLEAN THEM!

  • Ladies! Add a bit more makeup for that high school senior photo shoot can really make a difference - think about getting your makeup done or adding a bit more than usual to add a pop!

  • I’ve seen some pretty bad tans in my line of work. If you are going to get a tan – go to a reputable place. If a tan isn’t just right it will really show on camera, that is why I personally favor natural skin tones.

  • Tight or flowing clothes? I love a chance to capture movement. When in doubt girls – wear a dress that flows. Guys give me some layers to work with a jacket or vest, hat, or etc..

  • Bring props like letterman’s jacket, a football, pom poms, a saxophone - you name it.

I never get bored of senior photo shoots. They are my favorite. I guess you can say I specialize in them. I have taken photos of High School Teens from all over San Diego - Canyon Crest Academy, Del Norte High, Torrey Pines High, Westview High, Scripps Ranch High, Rancho Bernardo High, Mt. Carmel High, University City High, and the list goes on…

High School Senior pictures last a lifetime

Once your high school senior steps on to a college campus, they meet new people and read new books and are forever changed with each passing year. Senior Sessions can be a nice opportunity to take stop and enjoy the moment. That's what I hope my sessions are for my clients, not only a picture that will last a lifetime – but a feeling that will last forever.

I also have exciting news! I have launched my online senior portrait course: Mastering the Art of Senior Photography. I created it for hobbyists and established photographers alike. If you are looking to get into Senior Photography or would like to level up what you offer now, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! Check it out!

What other tips do you want to know about? What are your questions regarding photography or your upcoming shoot? I'm a San Diego Photographer who focuses and loves family photography and high school senior photography. So let’s chat and let's get you on the books! Let's get together and capture this time now.

Before you go, please check out my friend Melissa Jeffcoat, Photographers in Miami, and her Blog post that is answering all the questions people are asking about hiring photographers in Miami.

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Great post! Love the tips, especially about natural skin vs spray tans!

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