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Motherhood Sessions in the Cactus Garden in Balboa Park

Updated: Feb 17

This sweet momma and two kiddos spent an hour making memories together. She said she tries to do photos every 6 months because the littles grow so fast. Truer words have never been said. So, if you're wondering if you should schedule the photos even if Dad can't make it, the answer is "YES!". Stopping time and having photos of you and your little ones will always be worthwhile and treasured for years to come.

And if you're wondering how I get these little folks to giggle and have a genuine smile, then listen up! I found the trick is to let my guard down so they can let their guard too. Asking them questions like what's your favorite TV show, who's the stinkiest in the house and asking them to sing simple songs will often do the trick. Sometimes I just lean into the good ole… “Don’t smile! Whatever you do don’t smile.”

Kids are so authentic and so easy to get a giggle out of. I lean into their strengths. We laugh a lot in the sessions. I also have families bring props like a blanket or a favorite toy that they want to always be remembered.

When you book me- I do all the work with the kids and I let kids be kids. All the sudden the San Diego family photo shoot is less stressful and everyone is having a good time. I have them run and play and throw autumn leaves. They get to make all kinds of funny faces for me and we giggle a lot!

I am a San Diego, natural light photographer working with families, couples and high school seniors to create and capture memories for you to keep forever.

Let's get you book and create magic!

Before you go, please take a minute to check out my friend's beautiful work! She is a Northumberland Wedding Photographer. Her Blog is chatting about her 2021 wedding favorites!

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