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Mothers and Sons

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

I have a son and as I read this quote, it spoke to me: "You're not just raising your're raising somebody's husband and somebody's father. Raise him well!" Raising a boy can be challenging as they are noisy and dirty but they can also be funny and kind hearted. I know my son to be very sensitive as well. Since he was little I have tried to remind myself that I am also raising a "gentleman" and a "gentle man", two different and very important things.

When I capture Moms and sons at a photo session I am always intrigued by the complex relationships. If the boys are teens, they are not always up for hugging Mom and showing affection in public. There are other times when the boys are quite the opposite. They are very comfortable holding their Mom in high esteem and showing it - hugs, kisses and all.

This Mother/Son trio that I was honored to photograph are so close. The whole family is very close! I know them pretty well and was excited for the chance to spend some time and space with them. These boys treat their Mother with kindness and respect no matter where they are. She does the same in turn. She is one of the best "boy Moms" I know!

So, if you're raising a boy, good luck! And smother them with love!

Mom and Sons, family
Mom and sons

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