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Graduation = Reflection

To me, graduation equals a time of reflection. For the graduate, it's a time of reflection on what they have accomplished, how they have evolved and, for most, who had a hand in the process. On Friday, I had the opportunity and gift of photographing two graduates, one from college and one from high school, their Mother and Grandmother. As a photographer, you never truly know the family you are meeting or the energy you are walking into. Yesterday, I met 4 beautiful, strong women who showed so much kindness, love and respect for one another that it left me still thinking about them today. It makes me take pause and think about what goes into weaving a fabric of love as strong as theirs. Is it the grand scale decision to love no matter what? Or is it the small, minute moments in which you decide to love vs. disparage? It doesn't really matter the answer because it's different for everyone; however, I left my session with these ladies feeling lighter and comforted by the fact that their is still love in this crazy world and it's ours for the making.

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