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Senior Sessions on the Beach = Bring Your Best Dress

Updated: Mar 25

Guys! My seniors are simply bringin' it this year! We have been having so much fun creating together! Check out a few images from this gal's senior session. THIS is why you bring something a little different to wear or change in to halfway through the shoot!

In preparation of your shoot, think about what you want your overall gallery to look and feel like. Who are your right now? What do you want to capture in your photos? Do you want an urban vibe? Then look at ripped jeans, cute booties and a leather or suede jacket? Want something a little more “girly” then think fitted bodice with flowy bottom on a dress. Movement adds a lot to your photos. Layers also add some interest and depth to your images. Think vests, scarves, denim or leather jackets, hats…wear something that reveals a bit of who you are! AND, DON’T FORGET your letterman’s jacket or football or tennis racket! These are all great things that tell your high school story!

Another thing you want to keep in mind is WHERE you want to shoot around San Diego? San Diego offers so many backdrops from the beach, to something rustic, something a bit more urban. All good things to think about when we are planning your shoot.

And a few other tips I always mention are the following: haircuts at least a week before to give your hair time to relax into the cut for both guys and girls, clean nails - this doesn't mean you have to spend on manicures but clean nails are a must, and, for the ladies, think about getting your makeup done or adding a bit more than usual to add a pop! Another thing I mention to my people is that if you are going to get a spray tan, make sure you loofah and go to a reputable place so that it looks even. I actually prefer your own beautiful skin tone over the tans, but that's just me. :)

What other tips do you want to know about? What are your questions regarding photography or your upcoming shoot? I'm a San Diego Photographer who focuses and loves family photography and high school senior photography. I photograph all over San Diego, including Poway all the way down to Coronado! So let’s chat and let's get you on the books! Let's get together and capture this time now.


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