MadCaps/Sprites Mom/Daughter Shoots in Balboa Park

Updated: Mar 4

I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to do quite a few shoots with Moms and Daughters for the MadCaps and Sprites charity groups. I love spending time with these people because it's the last hurrah for their charity work in this capacity. The Moms and Daughters have usually been a part of their group since 6th grade and it culminates with a big show in/around March. One of the requirements for their senior year in the program is to have a 16x20 photo of the Mom/Daughter Duo at the big event.

This year we created a set of mini sessions so that quite a few sets of San Diego Mom/Daughters could get their image for the event plus some fun ones to commemorate the event and senior year for years to come.

And just food for thought, when preparing for this kind of shoot, think about what you want your overall gallery to look and feel like. Who are your right now? What do you want to capture in your photos? Do you want an urban vibe? Then look at ripped jeans, cute booties and a leather or suede jacket? Want something a little more “girly” then think fitted bodice with flowy bottom on a dress. Movement adds a lot to your photos. Layers also add some interest and depth to your images. I always encourage my people to step it up a notch! You will not regret feeling glamorous.

For these particular minis, I chose somewhere that I knew had beautiful lighting throughout the day as we were working in the morning and then again in the afternoon. I also wanted a timeless backdrop that represented a part of San Diego.

I'm a San Diego Photographer who loves working with families and high school seniors. So let’s chat and let's get you on the books!

Let's get together and capture your San Diego High School Senior today!

Let's create magic!

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