Let's Talk Skin Tones!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hello friends and family!

Wanted to pop in and give you a few tips/thoughts on skin tones and clothing!

If you don't know your skin undertones already, you can do a quick google search to help you figure it out. Once you do, it would be best to dress accordingly for your photo shoot. I actually do this for my own family. Putting this into play is more important than you think and will bring out the best in the overall look of your photos!

Warm Skin Tones look best in: Honey, Olive, Coral or Cream. Think of rich colors on the warm side of the color wheel. Stay away from chilly colors like blues or jewel tones.

Cool Skin Tones will shine in: Blue, Lavender, Rose and Gray. Think the cool colors on the color wheel. Try to avoid oranges, tomato colors, or strong yellows.

Neutral Skin Tones love to be in: Medium blues, Jade, Red or Whites. Think Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie skin tone. You can wear almost any color on the color wheel but probably best to stay in the muted versions. Think muted whites, grays, or black.

Finding your skin tone is the first and most important step. Then go from there!

But wait! Before you go, my friend Michele, who is a talented Photographer in Minneapolis, is talking shop about the latest photo printing trends!

Be well!

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Stay safe and be well!

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