Family Fun at Coronado Beach

Updated: Mar 4

I have known this Momma for about 5-6 years and we finally scheduled a shoot with her and her beautiful family! We had fun chasing around the 2 year old and creating memories at the same time!

Kids are so authentic and easy to get a giggle out of. I have learned to lean into the moment and go with the flow! My goal with the littles is to get them to laugh while we play games and take all the photos.

Please know that when you book me I do all the work with the kids! I really want them to just be kids and have this experience be fun for them and for the whole family. My wish is for your San Diego family photo shoot to be relaxed and carefree. I'll have the kids run around and get tickled by Dad so that the whole family shoot is like a big, fun game with them.

I am a San Diego, natural light photographer working with families and high school seniors to create and capture memories for you to keep forever.

Let's get you book and create magic!

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