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Don't forget to capture your own family!

During this time of quarantine, like alot of us photographers, I decided to focus on my own kids for a bit. I actually have two girls and a teenage boy, but he wasn't up for the shoot. That's ok! LOL! The girls were happy to have a few recent photos of themselves together as was I. BUT...even if you are not a photographer, I encourage you to capture this time together. Don't worry if everyone isn't dressed perfectly or hair isn't done, that's not what matters! What matters is you captured yourselves together, in a time that most likely (let's pray) will never happen again in our lives.

So, grab your kids and let them play and laugh and capture it all! You won't regret it!

AND....just an FYI...if you'd like to book a family session in June or July, you can book now at a discounted rate. Just message me here or on instagram! You can also enter your email on my site to get updates. Thanks and stay well!

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