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Safe, Secure, Artistic Portrait Photography for Your School Portraits

If you’re used to unflattering school portraits where children are forced to smile and the awkward way flash photography creates strong glares, it’s time to try something new.


I’m proud to offer a boutique alternative to the flat and forced style of traditional school photography. My portrait photography strives for one thing above all else: to be genuine to my subject.


When I shoot portrait photography, I make sure not to force the moment. Nothing undoes a wonderful portrait quite like a forced smile. My school portraits will capture the moment just as it is which creates a unique memory full of all the individual characteristics of your children. I’m not looking to recreate the same factory standard smile you’ve seen in every set of school portraits.


In today’s increasingly complicated technological world, it’s never too much to be concerned about our privacy. This is especially true when it comes to our children. My photography is uploaded on a unique, unlisted site for each school which makes it undetectable to anyone outside of the school. Parents can also opt-in for a private listing just for their children. I believe in supporting your right to privacy any way I can.


If you’re a school administrator or other member of staff looking for more information on how I can help your institution, I offer a variety of services to help streamline school portraits. On the day of the shoot, I provide all the equipment. I also can handle any questions, concerns, or orders from parents so you and your educators can focus on more important work. I send all orders to the school for distribution as well as high resolution copies for yearbooks and other official use. I’m happy to work with classes of any size.


I am also able to help with staff photos.


To find out more about my school photography services, send an email or give me a call today!

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